Hosted by Hotwells Music Festival

In the lineup for you are some fine local poets, among them Mina and Farai Angelou. From 9pm we have the explosive 3 piece band Second Wife (content not child friendly!), DJ Mel and The Fabulous Hushpuppies.

After her startling debut at the last HotFest event in November, Farai Angelou is going to return again this month. This is what she says about her poetry: “I have found joy and healing from spoken work and the power of creativity and nature have helped me to reconnect with others and my authentic voice. This journey has allowed me to remember my souls’ purpose. Creativity keeps me grounded in the face of uncertainty and the adversity we all face.This is my hope for others.”

Hailing from Bristol, UK, Second Wife is a trio making a big impact in the music scene with their unapologetic and energetic brand of folky pop punk. Their clever wordplay and comedic timing, reminiscent of Flight of the Conchords, and feminist punk attitude, reminiscent of Bikini Kill, make them a force to be reckoned with. Their lyrics are a unique blend of satire and celebration, tackling societal norms, the “fit dad bod”, and their own quirky dating experiences. Their live performances, featuring their own bespoke and innovative instrument “The Cockenspiel”, are a must-see experience, bursting with energy and dynamic performances that leave a lasting impression. Second Wife continues to push boundaries and make a lasting impact on all who encounter their music. In 2023, they are set to perform at numerous gigs and festivals as well as unveil a series of new singles.