Discover new sounds below the deck on Bristol’s Grain Barge…

AGO BANET (8.45-9.45pm)

Iago was born in Galicia in the north-west of Spain. As a teenager, he found a classical guitar at home and set about learning to master it. From that moment, there was no going back: guitar became his passion, his obsession and his future. After moving to the UK in 2014, Banet was involved with several bands of diverse style; touring and recording. These included The Boo-Hoos, JFK Blue and Deep Blue Sea.

Since 2018, Banet has been building an impressive career as a solo fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, showcasing his immense talent and receiving rave reviews along the way. With two studio albums and a live album under his belt, Banet redefines the boundaries of the instrument; creating stories without words and enthralling audiences as he does so.

Banet is releasing his third studio album in early 2023, and in it he will take the acoustic guitar to its limits. The album will feature new levels of skill, complexity and versatility, fusing styles including gypsy jazz, blues rock, country, dixieland, swing, pop and folk. Iago’s technique and approach to performance have captivated crowds across the UK and Spain. A one-man-band on acoustic guitar not to be missed.

PLAY MISTY (8-8.30pm)

Play Misty is a new folk supergroup featuring members of established Bristol bands such as Sugarmoon and Amun Ramen.Expect a set of soothing folk driven by acoustic guitar and flute, all laced with 3-part harmonies as each of the 3 members of Play Misty – Ryan McMurtry, I-Sha-Vii and Sophie Jones – take turns on lead.