We return as one of the key fringe venues for the Harbour Festival, with live music both days, our infamous Hold Bar after party, street food, kids activities, craft beer & cider bars and a gin station.

Our outdoor stage is compered by our old chum Gary Smith, as he takes you on a journey through a line-up that takes in everything from shimmering slide guitar to trumpeting troubadours, surf rock and sun- soaked beats. Sit back, grab a drink and enjoy.



12.00pm DJ All Killer No Filler
Alternative music played before and between bands all day!

12.45pm Leo James
A soulful mix of warm husky vocals, intricate finger style guitar and shimmering slide guitar work accompanying skillfully written songs, drawing in uence from past and present musicians from both sides of the Atlantic.

2:00pm Ant Noel & The Peabody Drakes
A melting-pot of styles, anything from Classic Rock to Celtic, Klezmer, Americana or Cajun. Lively and upbeat, these are songs of travel, ale and co ee drinking, french love stories and west country rambles!

3:15pm The Gin Birkins
Superfuzz lovers recording woozy reverb- drenched bedroom pop that stumbles through Psychedelia, Grunge, Yé-yé and Shoegaze…and
emerges blinking into the light, doused in glitter and soaked in gin.

16:30pm Mono Dots
Mono Dots are a minimal, glitch riffng, DIY Lofi, new wave Bristol three piece making music out of nothing and no time. Riot grrrl, poundland electronica!

17:30pm Mustard Allegro
Crazy Name, Crazy Band: Surf Beats, odd time signatures, eccentric tunes and a recent expansion into the realms of irony-fuelled free jazz. Mustard Allegro are Bonkers Surf Surrealists.

18:45 pm Cousin Kula
All meeting as highly active members of Bristol’s progressive jazz music scene, Cousin Kula bonded over their shared love for an eclectic range of music from pop and psych through to prog, disco & afrobeat.

8:00pm John E Vistic Rock ‘n’ Roll Soundsystem
Bristol based dark garage rock n roll band, consisting of John E Vistic (Vocals, Trombone etc), Rob Norbury (Lead Guitars), Mike Crawford (Sax and Guitars), Double G (Bass), and Dan Clibery. (Drums).

9:30pm Hold Bar after party, with Dukes of Mumbai
Dukes of Mumbai are famous for serving up a red-hot, riff-tastic display of raw surf instrumentals by such legends as Dick Dale and Link Wray (among many others), the Dukes of Mumbai are guaranteed to get the party started and elevate the street credibility of everyone who falls under their spell.


1:00pm Andi Skellam
A Lo-Fi troubadour, Andi is sometimes billed as the Fingerless Hoodlum, and in fact possess some of the nimblest guitar and banjo-picking digits currently to be found pretty much anywhere.

2:00pm Eyebrow
Eyebrow is a trumpet and drums duo based in Bristol. Formed in 2009, its music evolves out of improvisations which are reassembled into structured pieces with an unexpectedly cinematic sweep, like journeys through slowly changing landscapes.

3:15pm Goodrich
Canada’s loss was Bristol’s gain when this singer/songwriter pitched his tent among
us and became part of our music world. Combining lyrical poetry with restrained country and rock influenced music the results are often soulful and always compelling.

4:30pm Stanlaey
The music of STANLÆY has been influenced by a diverse genre pool of folk, jazz and cosmic atmospheres, drawing inspiration from artists such as Joanna Newsom, The Dirty Projectors and Sigur Rós.

6:00pm Soma Soma
Sun-soaked compositions, groovy beats and contagious horn lines that will transport you to sunnier climes and contagiously get the whole room dancing! Expect to dance from start to finish and sing along (even if you can’t speak Portuguese) to their captivating melodies.