The Mission: To celebrate, with all the communities of Bristol, the heart and soul of the city in the unique setting of its harbour.

Bristol Harbour Festival is a highlight of the Bristol summertime; and what better way to enjoy the party than moored right on the water…

7.30-8pm – Long Tonic

Groovy/bluesy/rocky riffs, knee-bending bops and overly-sentimental lyrics. If you like the Black Keys, Sticky Fingers, Arctic Monkeys, Mako Road, Ocean Alley… among many others, then there is a chance you’ll dig it.

8.30-9pm –¬†Ead Wood

5 piece rock or rollers from Bristol

9.30-10pm – Miss Kill

Alternative sister duo Miss Kill combine influences of Alternative, Garage and Grunge Rock, holding an extensive fanbase within the Bristol (UK) scene. Taking inspiration from heroes Hole, Placebo and Pearl Jam with noisy electric riffs, emotive vocals and roaring drums.

10.30-11.15pm – Windshake

Emerging from the cultural melting pot of Bristol’s vibrant underground scene, WINDSHAKE embodies the unbounded frontiers of musical exploration.

This audacious six-piece collective rejects conformity, drawing inspiration from the raw essence of youth culture to craft music that plumbs the depths of the human mind. Their genesis traces back to the hidden corners of side street alleyways and grassroots venues, where they absorbed Bristol’s pulsating artistic energy. Their debut album, ‘Waking Moment,’ a fusion of Psych-folk and distinct song writing, laid the foundation for their forthcoming musical odyssey.

Expect a fusion of Electronica, funk, and pop adorned with synths and tribal vocal harmonies.