The Mission: To celebrate, with all the communities of Bristol, the heart and soul of the city in the unique setting of its harbour.

Bristol Harbour Festival is a highlight of our Summer, and this year we are going bigger than ever…

Join us for Shallow Roots to kick off the festival on Friday 14th – an eight-piece band to get your feet moving!
Dance music with influences of Spain, Africa, Mexico

Shallow Roots are a Bristol-based band playing (mostly) dance music fusing Afro, Caribbean, Spanish, Latin and Western pop. The combination of horns and guitars make a great sound.

The music is intimate and gentle yet also rhythmic and highly danceable, while the (mostly) self-penned lyrics have a political edge (“an uplifting take on the wider world and a realistic look nearer home”)

The players are Jonathan Hyams (guitar, vocals), Rob Vasey (guitar, vocals), Romilly Gibbs (soprano sax), Jamie Darwen (tenor and soprano saxes), Carol Arnold (alto sax), Adam Coombs (bass) and Jeremy Arnold (drums and percussion), with Rosalind Moreno-Parra’s amazing voice as principal vocalist on some of the songs.

Free entry, in the Grain Barge Hold Bar.