I discovered my passion for batik whilst working with artists in Kota Baharu on the east coast of Malaysia in 1991. On returning to the UK I moved to Bristol and have continued to develop my own style of batik, repeating motifs to give the works life, depth and a sense of movement. The natural world provides an unlimited source of inspiration – my love of wildlife is reflected in my work. My father is a keen birdwatcher & fisherman, so as a child this is where I learnt much about and a love for birds and British wildlife.

I work on white cotton lawn fabric using traditional wax pens & brushes to apply the hot wax before painting on dyes to build up layers of intense colour (working form lightest to darkest colours). A final dip in the dye bath creates the crackle effect characteristic of batik. Recently I have moved into textile design using some of my images to produce fabric to make lampshades and cushions.

I also teach batik to individuals, schools and community groups. If you are interested in workshops please check out my website jowhiteland.co.uk or email me at jo@jowhiteland.co.uk for workshop dates and more details.