The kind of day dream England needs to reignite a spark for credible new songwriting. Breath taking and awe inspiring’ Alex Lee Thompson NME

‘All is shot through with a rare honesty.Heroic and compelling’ Venue magazine

‘Larger than life and totally unique’ Bristol rock

‘if music is about communication this is a hand delivered letter’

‘Original songs working through passionate vocals, tight-laced harmonies soaring over guitars, mandolin, harmonica and percussion. These songs spare no pain, no heartache, you’re there with them feeling what the artists feel…Between them, Elliot Hall and (Sarah) take the smoky room, rare steak, bourbon laced sound of his voice and weave in the softer, country-edged sound of hers to concoct a powerful brew – one you’ll want to taste again and again. Be prepared for the powerful music to linger in your head for days’ Tim Carroll, Folkwords Magazine

Come celebrate the release of Larkham and Hall’s album ‘songs of hurt of healing’ It’s been a long, difficult road with several false starts and the project has nearly been abandoned several times. Like Bruce Springsteen’s response to ‘Born to Run’ Elliot’s first response was to throw it in the bin. Having said that now even he has joined common opinion that this is by far the best music they’ve ever made. We are excited and want you to hear it. We plan to gather in the bar from 7.30pm for drinks. They’ll be no support act. At 9pm until 10pm we’ll perform the whole album live for you at the end of what’s been an emotional journey. Afterwards will provide a chance to wind down and hang out with the artists in the bar where we talk about the recording process, the music and the upcoming tour.

‘Songs of hurt and healing’ was recorded and produced with the expert help of Matt Sampson at Bink Bonk studios, Redland. He has worked with many top acts including Kasabian, Massive Attack and Focus. As he said: ‘this isn’t just another album to me, there’s not a weak point on this record.’ We thank him hugely for how much he’s personally invested in this project.

Broadly labelled ‘Americana/folk’, Larkham And Hall certainly take inspiration from the great pioneers of the genre – think Leonard Cohen, Dylan, Tim Hardin or Joni Mitchell and you’ll already be somewhat clued up on the sound and content of the Bristol couple’s songs. But these songwriters are by no means rehashing anything…the songs are fresh, brave and ‘astoundingly lyrically perfect’ (Folkwords).