Mithi is an illustrator and ceramicist with a previous history as a scientist.

Living near the Bristol Harbourside, Mithi started venturing down to the Harbourside to draw the local boats as lockdown was opening up – mostly for herself, as drawing practice, and also it was great for her mental health. As she clocked up more and more local boats; and started to speak to more and more people who would spot her drawing around the Harbourside and stop (2m away!) for a chat, she thought it would be a great idea to exhibit these drawings together as a group. Whilst drawing the Grain Barge, she thought wouldn’t it be great to exhibit the boats ON a boat!

Maybe you live or work on one of these boats? Or there is one that holds a special place in your heart for some other reason?

Giclee prints of the boats framed are available for sale from Grain Barge. Unframed Giclée prints available from the artist herself. She is also available if you would like to commission a boat portrait for yourself.