Neureille are a band who play the music of Rob Vasey. Rob has been writing songs for over 50 years. He writes quirky, highly individual tunes in the great tradition of British eccentricity. Musically it’s a unique blend of different styles that is hard to pin down. Currently there are 5 Neureille albums and most of the songs are available on the usual streaming channels. This gig is a belated album launch for the 5th album, Sufi Pataphysics which was released September 2020.

The basic instrumentation is a three-piece of drums, bass and guitar then augmented by guest musicians.

Mike Dennis is a classically-trained violinist whose boyhood love of Run-DMC and Gang Starr led him to create a unique kind of music he refers to as Violinica.

Violin in hand and effects and pedals at his feet, he builds up to a string and percussion crescendo before opening his mouth and… wow! This guy doesn’t just spit rhymes, they just cascade out at a speed that is as ferocious as his lyrics.
– Wake the Deaf

You won’t have seen an artist like this before.