Come and join @richardthefourth_ on the 10th November for the launch of his new EP ‘Meek Tragedy’.

Pseudo RnB artist Richard The Fourth will be releasing his hotly anticipated debut EP alongside his magnificent band and transcendent Bristol based avant pop duo qariaq. Deep in the bowels of an old Grain Barge, an evening of sexy melancholic ecstasy will enamour your every passing thought and lilt you into both a physical and astral state of serene relief.

Melding the genres of RnB, math, jazz and shoe gaze with chilling vocals, linear beats and saturated guitars, Richard The Fourth is the soundtrack to moonlit synchronised swimming with a menagerie of aquatic creatures while uncontrollably, yet inexplicably, sobbing. His new EP ‘Meek Tragedy’ is a 5 track ode to incompletion, disgruntlement and inadequacy in one’s own eyes; illustrated by melancholic lyrics with juxtaposing, vehemently gritty riffs and unyielding melodies.

qariaq is the moniker of Bristol-based, self taught, sound maker Esther CG and multi-instrumentalist Ben Holyoake. Baritone guitar, kalimba, vocals and a host of guitar pedals are emulsified, creating transcending wild soundscapes layered with dissonance and avant-pop sounds. Together with Ben’s Sporadic and driving rhythms, a sonic web is intricately woven, with those captured unsure as whether to feel lulled or tense.