The birth of Carmina was a literary affair. Rob King & Pippa Marland were studying English Literature at Bristol University when they met at a seminar in 1987 – he had a mandolin under his arm, and she had a microphone poking out of her bag.

“We went back to her house and I picked up this battered old guitar she had in her kitchen,” says King. “She started singing and I knew we had something from the minute she opened her mouth. It was a bolt from the blue.”

Guitarist King and vocalist Marland are still the core of a band which King always imagined as a ‘jazz quartet married to a Celtic-based acoustic duo.’

They are the compositional and inspirational heart of Carmina, and together with the world-class musicians who have joined the band they have created a sophisticated sound which, based around their strong orginal material, draws in elements of traditional and contemporary Celtic music, jazz, soul and rock.



Raising money for Macmillan Cancer Care with gigs and concerts by local artists and musicians with links to the Bristol and Bath Area.

Sponsored and curated by Phil & Allie Dunnington and supported by the Grain Barge venue.

Join us for another season of ‘Sound Investment’ here at Grain Barge! Following the success of our summer run, we’re back to raise more funds for Macmillan Cancer Care, and support some of Bristol’s best live musicians.


Unlike the previous run of Sound Investment gigs, you do not need to book a table to attend a gig. To guarantee entry, please email a list of the names of people in your party who would like to attend to EVENTS@GRAINBARGE.COM and we will guarantee you entry (before 7:15pm).There are limited tables available in the Hold Bar, so if you would like to reserve one please include the information in your email, otherwise you will be allocated a standing ticket. Please note, if you are on our guest list and you arrive after 7:15pm we cannot guarantee your entry in the case of a sold out event.


Entry for all Sound Investment gigs is £15 per person, 100% of which will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Care. Please note this entry fee can only be paid in cash upon arrival.


Guests will no longer be allowed to dine in the Hold Bar before the music starts. Instead, if you would like to reserve a table in the restaurant to dine before the gig starts, please do so by using the ‘Book a Table’ button on the Grain Barge Website (WWW.GRAINBARGE.COM). Please ensure you book a table with adequate time to dine before the gig starts at 7:15pm.

Please note, making a restaurant booking will not automatically add you to the guest list for the evening, and vice versa.

Please email EVENTS@GRAINBARGE.COM if you require any more information on booking a guest list ticket or restaurant table for a Sound Investment gig.