Wild, poetic, uproarious and anthemic. The Man and The Lake is a four piece Gypsy Folk band based in Bristol, UK. The Man and The Lake started as a singer-songwriter project in 2012 when Mattia moved to Bristol and released the first EP: ‘Another Wolf’. During his time in Bristol he met Jack, and after a few months as a duo Nic and Celeste joined them.

The band’s eclectic sound blends folk, rock, blues and it’s intrinsically connected to klezmer, gypsy, balkan and world music. It explores the boundaries of western music, crossing the bridge to bring back airs, refrains and melodies from the east.

The band is composed of Mattia Maragno, singer, composer and guitarist; Jack Cookson, double-bassist and backing vocals; Nic Burn on the drums; and Celeste Cantor-Stephens on the trumpet.

Their shows bring fiery rhythms, dark notes and stories from far away. The diverse influences will drive you in a irresistibly venetian-balkan dance, where you’ll feel like you are at a funeral and you having a great time.

The band’s first EP ‘Get Away’ has been released in June 2017. The Man and The Lake is constantly working on new music and performing in Bristol and UK.